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Whether we are professionals or volunteer in a non-profit we serve, we all lead in a certain way. Title or not. We coach. We facilitate. We co-create. We teach. We learn. We lead, or try to, in how we contribute. 

We often feel that we can no longer hide.  We have signals that stir something within us. We have a thirst to help own our mobility … to help us in our journey to lead our life.  We may even find others that are seeking similar mobility.  How can we help them?

We both (April and Mark) made that pivot in our careers when we decided to own our own learning. Learning opportunities were no longer dictated by a company budget, but more the value to learn and bring that learning back to others … to contribute.  This was an early obstacle that opened up one of many opportunities for both of us.  We have learned to flip other obstacles into opportunities since then.

When we do have a budget for learning, we may not have the best choices. Those choices may be heavily scripted, filled with presentation decks, day-long learning with no breath to put new concepts into practice before it’s over.  These highly constrained learning environments make it challenging for the student to apply the learning in their own context.  They are left unsupported trying to figure things out on their own.

But what learning brings value for you now?

Are you struggling to find time or willingness to reflect?  Do you feel more of a victim of circumstances?

Do you struggle to find out when something works or why people struggle?

Do you struggle with pivoting in the moment to support emerging needs?

Are people you support often lost in their work -- struggling to support the outcomes needed?

Are people holding back? Are you not seeing the talent, experience, and insights they were invited to share?

We’ve learned that our old ways no longer work in thinking through these situations.  We need new ways to help us . . .

Sense what we see happening in our environment. What do others see? 

Reflect what we make of what we see.  What works well?  What is the context of what works well?  Can the context be replicated?

Request our community to help us sense and respond to the chaos around us.  How can we ask for help?  When do we ask for help?  When do we filter the help based on our context?

Respond by always being ready to experiment with anything at any time to move yourself or support others to move to a better place.

Our promise is to show you how a Mobility Mindset can serve you in your profession, your leadership, and your life.  The mindset of mobility is generative and balances empathizing to sense and respond, continuous reflection, unlearning to learn, living mobility, and collectively holding space.

Our offer to you is a monthly learning journey that allows you time to experiment and apply the learning of a Mobility Mindset. We have outcome-based learning that helps guide members in what they are seeking. On this journey, instead of holding an agenda, we are inviting our members to determine where we go next. Thus, we co-create customized-learning to support you.

Our learning journeys each introduce a few new concepts, provide ample time for practice, reflection, and questions. We take the journey together as a cohort supporting one another in our daily practice.

You are invited to explore Holding Space with Empathy and Mobility for monthly learning gatherings to be held on the fourth Thursday of each month.  The exceptions will be November and December, which will be held on the third Thursday of each month. We will also offer equitable pricing based on your location in the world.  This is about “open” space after all.

Our Options

Note: These prices are for North America and Europe.  If you are in another part of the world and are interested in attending, contact us for pricing.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Transform you and be a catalyst to others by connecting and co-creating with anyone anywhere. Be able to find opportunity in obstacles, navigate and shift under any circumstances, and focus on the most valuable experiments to move forward. Do you want to open space where support is possible and unleash potential in others and yourself?

Some journeys we will cover in the upcoming months are:

So often we just “do” without connecting to the purpose of why we are doing it.  In this journey, we will look at how you step back to prepare a gathering (meeting, event, planning, retrospective, project, product, and more)  and why the people need to gather. This journey helps you curate the purpose.

People have many needs and not always the same needs when they gather.  Learn to discover, explore and help the people gathered accommodate each other’s needs.  This journey helps you sense those needs, design a space to support, and find ways to serve each other.

We will dig into the elements of Open Space, connect with them, and see how they empower how to curate and engage as a collective. This journey will support you to tap into the magic of holding space for others in open space.

Uncover the secrets to holding space.  When it begins, what does it look like?  Recognizing when it is not present and discovering how to shift in the moment.  This journey will unleash the art of holding space.

To join our membership or join one journey, sign up at our Mobility Mindset box office.

Journeying in Mobility,

April & Mark 

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