I Break for Playdough Pie

Finding Breath

There comes a time when we need to step back to rebalance, reconnect, and rebuild.  We might find what once worked well has now drained us.

Giving time to transitions.  For instance, going on vacation, you don’t just start a vacation.  You have to let go.  Before you let go, you make an intention to let go.  Think about the actions you’ll take to fulfill that intention.  Where do you go where there is no cell signal?  Will you delete apps off your phone?  You go to a “place” to help you follow through with those intentions. 

For some of us, it may take time for the habits of business to melt away and truly embrace the intention to let go.  You take a week or two weeks.  Whatever it takes.  The pull to connect to another world subsides.  You realize being fully present is what will let you breathe.  To reconnect.  To create space.

Re-balancing at South Higgins lake

Then you are ready to do things just to do them.  To rebalance you may watch a sunset for a very long time.  You might stare at clouds or at the stars.  You might just stare into the fire.  You then start to see things that were always there but were invisible in your typically busy day.

Then you wonder, “What else have I been missing?  What can I connect that I didn’t connect with before?”

That’s when you can start rebuilding.  It may not be anything specific.  You may be in the moment and suddenly see something in the materials around you.  You just might make a playdough pie. No reason.  No logic.  Just embracing the connection and creativity.

For others, you may be seeing a larger project that you never saw before.  Now you can see it and you know you can do it.  Maybe with some help.  Maybe on your own.  It could be building a huge sand fort at the beach.  You might decide to build something like a trailer with family members. 

Then, as the time of rest and reflection ends, you might see greater possibilities to rebuild.  You might see new opportunities to bring people together.  You might even see a new community that can support each other in growth and learning.  You might need a little help when you're ready to ask for it.  But the point is, that breath gave you a chance to see it.

Nevi helped us with this post by reminding us to find breath in the moment.

It doesn’t always require a long vacation to catch these moments of breath and mobility.  You might find other ways to create the space.  A quiet corner of the house with sun and light.  Maybe it’s with a pet.  How do you create these places and moments of breath to re-balance, reconnect, and rebuild more often?

Journeying in Mobility,

April & Mark

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